Chicken avocado Tacos


Winter Special

Soup & Sandwich+ Chips $9.15+tax

( Soup or Chili and sandwich change every day )

Stop By the truck to see what we have !

Chicken avocado tacos 2​for $8.24 +tax
Tequila lime baked chicken ,topped with spicy guacamole sriracha sauce and fresh organic lettuce, on 

​a flour Tortilla comes with chips

Stalk Me  Burger $9.15
+tax w/chips
Grass fed beef patties, topped with; mango Pico de gallo, mix greens.

choice of 2 sauces, Lemon basil pesto or spicy sriracha 

The Spaniard  $9.15 +tax  

Homemade guacamole with Jalapeno and serrano peppers. Topped on a 4.oz grass fed 

beef patty , mix greens and homemade  creamy sriracha sauce.

Drunk Chick $9.15+tax * * *

We flambe onions and tomatoes with Tequila lime seasoning, topped that over the chicken then bake it for 3 hours.  served with homemade vegetable Risotto and 

topped with  fresh Mozzarella sauce

Chevapi – Beef links $9.15
5 beef links stuffed in 7 inch homemade  pita bread , served  with

sour cream, onions and Macedonian pepper relish.

Hungarian Cabbage Rolls 2X FOR $9.15+tax

Grass fed beef, rice mix vegetables rolled in cabbage leaf and slow cooked for 6hours. 

Topped with sour cream and Macedonian pepper relish 

aLL Dinks $1.83

Sweet Tea, Lemonade, Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke Water 

Turkish Coffee 

White Chocolate Mocha 

Pumpkin Pie Mocha 

Mudslide Mocha 
















Stalk Me Burger 

Slavic Beeflinks

​Drunk Chick

The Spaniard


​Hungarian Cabbage Rolls​